mainGraphicB Patricia Shermerhorn:
Patricia and I have been friends for a very long time and still we discover who we are constantly, and keep our sense of humor. She is an incredible Numerologist, a Master I would say. Her sessions are worth the journey.
THECAROLREED.COM Carol Reed, Intuitive
Carol Reed is a friend and an intuitive channel, transitional coach and energy healer. Her work helps provide clarity and guidance to overcome challenges and understand the soul’s purpose and karmic lessons.
Phyllis Hartzell,
Phyllis is not only my friend, but also my web master. Laughter is always part of our conversations and her visions and clarity on creating a web is a total delight and right on.
I have known Eileen for many years now. I love her work and the dedication she has toward Mother Earth and her teaching in recapturing Reverence.
neal-1 Neal Parks
His work, for me, represents the view from spirit. A world of colors, details and resonance. There is a sound in what he creates that touches me deeply.
I have known Willow for at least 20 years. She is a wonderful friend and is a deeply creative entity on many fields. Her jewelry is not only beautiful, but beholds magic.

Alexandra Cabri
Alexandra is a very close friend and co-founded, with me, the “Introspective Movement.” She is a consummate artist, healer and teacher. Her paintings transcend the ordinary. She is French and we both keep practicing our French together.
shaman Shamans Dance
The creative work of Maria Mar and Corazón Tierra is an inspiration for the soul and for self growth. I love that their work empowers women.
AVALON GALLERY It is a joy and honor to be under the wings of Melena, owner of the Avalon Gallery in Carmel, CA. She is now located in Los Angeles, Ca. She is a beautiful being and a very consummate professional who loves and respects her artists.
pine Pine Orchard
Pine Orchard is the company that published my book. They are talented and dedicated, making collaboration a delight and the result superb. I highly recommend them.
island Island Alliance of the Arts
A Public Benefit Nonprofit Organization in the City of Alameda, CA. IAA provides networking, exhibitions and other resources for artists of all disciplines while promoting an awareness of global issues.
happiness Project Happiness
The Mission of Project Happiness is to engage youth in a conversation about how their values and ethics are connected to happiness and to the meaning and purpose in their lives.




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