“They are countless faces that we wear through the journey of life.
Nature, our constant companion, is embracing us without one.
Through the process of mask-creating,
man and nature are entwined in the same embrace
becoming one and the same.
Only Perception differs
from a limited vision.
The spirit of the mask embodies, then,
both energies. It is transformed into power.
The power within reflected out.”

–Excerpt from Looking Within book by Peter Sanderson

Peter was led to create a set of 28 cards with each mask bringing an affirmation or inspiration for the reader embarking on the journey of self-discovery. The messages are simple and easy to understand.


The number 28 relates to the lunar calendar, which is feminine energy and is the principle of creation. In numerology 28 becomes a 1, which is masculine energy. Thus, creating a deck of 28 cards became a balancing of energies.


As you shuffle the cards, formulate a question in your mind. Make the question as clear as possible. Spread the cards one by one in front of you so that you are able to see all the masks.

Choose the one that calls to you. Read the back of the card and refer to the booklet for the deeper meaning.

If you wish, you may select two more cards which will provide you with additional insight.

Re-shuffle the cards each time you have a new question and proceed as above.

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